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Vegetarian-friendly Portuguese food: Staying Healthy in Portugal

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Vegans and vegetarians may eat their way around the country without fear of starvation, despite the country’s robust meat- and fish-based cuisines. Here are some of our favorite vegan and vegetarian Portuguese recipes to try if you’re planning a visit to Portugal where it has many delicious and diverse variations of dishes.

Caldo Verde, a thick, green soup, is one of the most famous vegetarian dishes in Portugal. This soup comes from the regions of Minho and Tras-os in northern Portugal.

Poor people relied on this as their sole source of nutrition because it was the only thing they could afford. It’s a simple soup that only requires three ingredients: Couve Portuguesa (a Portuguese cabbage), potatoes, onion, and olive oil. It’s also delicious. A few slices of chorizo were added to this soup to add flavor in ancient times when households couldn’t afford to consume much meat.


Bread, olives and butter, sardine paste, cheese, and ham slices are some of the more common appetizers you’ll receive when dining out at Portuguese restaurants. Additionally, in the Algarve, it’s common to be served a small plate of sliced carrots.

Known as the “couvert,” this service is not always free but is usually quite competitively priced in comparison to other possibilities. There is no need to eat all or even some of this meal to be considered a vegetarian (just say no thanks). Vegetarians can enjoy the bread, raw olives, raw butter, raw cheese, and raw carrots (cenouras à algarvia).

Sopa da Pedra

This is a typical Portuguese meal from the region of Almeirim, which is located in the northeast of the country of Portugal. The term “stone soup” is a slang term for “stone broth.” An intriguing backstory surrounding this specific soup, which isn’t normally included in traditional vegetarian Portuguese cooking but is regularly converted vegan, this intriguing story somehow adds up a special factor to the food.

Are you convinced to give it a try? These healthy dishes can be found in the various locations in Portugal and also you can look it up on the internet as you roam around finding a place to eat this delicious yet healthy food. Let’s keep in mind that we don’t have to sacrifice our lifestyle and way of eating in the country of Portugal because they have always alternatives for individuals who have unique lifestyles just like vegetarian people.