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Most underrated yet delicious Portuguese dishes you should try

Portuguese food is known for its simplicity and comfort, but there are some dishes that don’t get their due. It can be a bit challenging to try all the great dishes of Portugal, so here are some of our recommendations for underrated Portuguese dishes that we think you should give a shot.

Caldo Verde (Green Soup)

This is a soup made with potatoes and kale, often served with a slice of chourico (smoke pork sausage). It’s very simple to make, but it’s not as common as other soups in Portugal. You can find it in any restaurant or at home.

Bifanas (Minced Pork Sandwiches)

These sandwiches are made with minced meat, usually pork or beef cooked in a pan with onions and garlic until golden brown. They are traditionally served on bread rolls with mustard and ketchup, but you can also find them on plates accompanied by fries and rice or chips.

Salt Cod Croquttes

This dish is made of pieces of salt cod fried in breadcrumbs and served with lemon sauce or melted butter. This is one of the most popular dishes in Portugal and can be found anywhere from bakeries, cafes, restaurants and even super markets all over the country.

Arroz de Cabidela

This is a rice stew cooked with chicken meatballs, rice, carrots, and onions in red wine vinegar and garlic sauce. This dish is perfect for those who want something flavorful yet simple to prepare at home. It goes well with grilled fish or any kind of meat dish as well as a salad or boiled vegetables on the side.

Things go around, and people come and go, but Portugal and its amazing culinary tradition are here to stay. To keep it alive and sustainable in the near future, we continue to promote the richness of Portugal cuisine without forgetting what made it great.