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Pastel de Belem-Pride of Portugal Pastry

The Pastel de Belém is truly unique, and it cannot be compared to the more common Pastel de Nata in terms of quality. In the event that Plato had broadened his horizons to include gastronomy, he would have discovered in the Pastel de Belém an analogy to the “ideal form” of this pastry. Pastel de Belém, along with other well-known Portuguese dishes such as the Caldo Verde soup, is considered one of the Seven Wonders of Portuguese Gastronomy.

It’s likely that the pastel de Belém, or more specifically the pastel de nata that comes from the pastelaria in Belém, is the most internationally famous of these dishes; however, most of the others are unfamiliar to people living outside of Portugal. Now that it’s popular, you can find pastel de nata in cafés all over the world, though few can compete with those at Pastéis de Belém in Lisbon, where you can get one of the best.

Despite the fact that the recipe has remained a closely guarded secret for five generations, 20,000 piping hot samples of this marvel leave the Fabrica’s oven every day. The recipe, if it had not already been perfected, would almost certainly have been perfected by this point.

Paste de Belem is the perfect epitome of a food delicacy of one’s nation that can truly be served as a budding pride to attract tourists and make them leave a good impression on the country’s good image in terms of delicacy and cuisine in general.