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Pastel, Brazil’s popular delicacy recommendation

Crispy, oozing with delicious filling is the thing that pastel can offer for your good food deprivation. In a country that is rich in cuisine heritage, you cannot resist this popular pastel

Brazilian Beef Pastel

Put a finger down if you love everything beef! This version of pastel is perfect for those beef lover who prefers beef as the main ingredient. Authentic! Yummy! and of course savory! Beef Pastel, everyone!

Pastel With Meat and Cheese

This variation is good for people who want creamy food but still want the favorable taste of meat. Even if you cannot visit Brazil, you could make it this at the scope of your home. But if you are too busy, you can buy the wrapper straight from the supermarket, still delicious like the traditional Pastel.

Whatever variation you choose to cook, I believe that it is actually the pastel that people would love to eat, local or tourist individuals. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead on your fridge and see what can you do with your leftovers.

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