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Yummy Brazilian Summer Dessert to try this hot season

Are you ready to tick off your summer food bucket list? Don’t miss out on this thirst-quenching and delicious summer food the next time you visit the beautiful country of Brazil. We curate a list of top summer food for you, please see the list below.

Passion fruit mousse; Shutterstock ID 261036416; PO: Brandon for Food

Mousse de Maracuja

This classic dessert is definitely you won’t miss! Its main ingredient comprises passion fruit pulp, whipping cream, condensed milk, gelatin, egg whites, and sugar. You can’t go wrong with Mousse de Maracuja because it can be found in numerous restaurants and dinner parties around Brazil.


Acai bowls are not only a yummy dessert but if you are a foodie and love to take aesthetically pleasing pictures to post on your Instagram feed, this is definitely a pick for you. This dessert is perfectly custom with lots of tropical toppings of fruits and deliciously pair with sweet acai berry juice or acai smoothie whatever is suited for your taste.


It is a sweet muffin that is popular and a staple in different bakeries that are sold across the country. This dessert is perfect to consume during snack time and tea time. There are a lot of versions of this snack but the most popular is with coconut and cheese.

Brazilian Flan

It is a milk pudding, a creamy and sweet that melts on the mouth when being eaten and it is great for people who have a sweet tooth. Similar to classic flan that is made so much better and creamier with 4 main ingredients.


Quindim is a delicious dessert from Brazil, it is baked with a Portuguese touch filled with butter, sugar, egg yolks, and ground coconut. It is a soft custard that is similar to the Brazilian flan but it is soaked with yummy and creamy sweetened milk.

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