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Popular Brazilian Street Food To Indulge

This mouthwatering street food from Brazil is something you should try when you have a chance to roam around the beautiful country. The country visit is not fulfilling if you will not maximize the chance to taste their street food pride. So we made a list of street foods to try for you to have an idea in mind of what you should keep an eye on your next out-of-the-country tour.

Mandioca Frito

Mandioca frita is easy to make hence cassava or manioc root is a native culinary resource that is still an important food source for Northern and Northeastern Brazillian populations. Manioca fritter is a delicious recipe, delicate but tasty, crispy on the outside and creamy inside. And if you are vegetarian but want to eat fried food, this dish is perfect because mandioca Frito contains no egg or cheese.


Kibe is an extremely popular dish in Brazil and is especially beloved in Brazillian communities. Not only do they taste delicious, but they’re also healthful and easy to make. If you haven’t tried them yet, we can recommend them highly enough. Kibes are quite large, filling, and can be very messy to eat. But they’re also incredibly delicious. Kibes were very well-loved by both vegan people and meat-loving Brazillian friends. It’s one of those dishes that please almost everybody.


So, what makes this cut of meat so special? It lies in the impressive marbleized streaks of fat that crisscross the lean, tender meat. Picanha is best served rare or medium and should never be overcooked-it will lose its sought-after tenderness and juiciness if that happens.

Acaraje traditional Brazilian street food of Bahia. Made of black eyed peas deep fried in dende palm oil. Selective focus.


Acaraje are common street food in a variety of the countries in Africa, as well as Brazil. However, those found in Brazil are typically fried rather than baked, and this is where taste truly comes into its own. While some might dismiss acaraje as being little more than a snack food, others clearly see it as something to be enjoyed on any occasion.

Pao de queijo

These simple little buns are a delight to eat and easy to find. If you make it to Brazil, try and track down a street vendor selling these fluffy oval balls and be sure to share them with your friends back home. And the best part is that they are widely available in Brazil, making them an easy find at any time of the day.

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