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5 Most Popular Portuguese Stew

These food stews will fill you up as they are all bizarrely appealing and incredibly appetizing at the same time. And it might as well be to your taste. So hold on and have a look at these delectable stews and build a list when you visit Portugal, or if you are a new resident, you may want to try some of these delectable dishes from portuguese cuisine.

1. Cataplana

Cataplana was first devised by fishermen in portugal and is now available in restaurants across the country. Cataplana is a broad term that refers to a diverse set of dishes that can be cooked using a variety of ingredients such as meat, fish, rice or pasta among many variety. Whereas the Cataplana de marisco is the most well-known variant of the dish is made using a variety of seafood.

2. Dobrada

This traditional portuguese dish, also known as dobradinha. In spitre of the fact that there are some variations in the recipes, the dish is often made with a combination of tripe, beans, paprika, tomato paste, garlic, carrots and onions among other ingredients to make a flavorful dish.

It is a dish from the country’s northern area known as dobrada. It is a common practice to garnish the finished meal with parsely and mint and serve it with white rice on the side as an accompaniment once it has been cooked. Over the years, dobrada has gained in popularity, and it is now served in restaurants and home kitchens throughout Portugal and Brazil, as well as in other countries around the world.

3. Portuguese Squid Stew

The Portuguese Squid stew is one of the country’s best and most popular seafood dishes, and for good reason, it is a no surprise. It is a substantial and traditional Portuguese dish that includes several of the country’s most popular ingredients. You can serve this exquisite seafood dish at any occasion, thanks to the delicious combination of fresh squid and tomato sauce.

4. Arroz Doce

People in Portugal are known for their sweet cravings, and the country’s bakeries and pastry stores and jam-packed with range of delectable confections to gratify their sweet tooth pleasures. Majority of local desserts are egg-based and occasionally cream-texture, and almost desserrs are flavored with a rich, sweet and frequently contains excessive amount of sugar. Arroz doce is a traditional dessert served at the end of a dinner made with cream and eggs flavoured with cinnamon and vanilla extract. This dessert is a creamy rice pudding, a soothing treat that is sweet and creamy in texture. If you prefer a lighter version of the recipe, you can use condensed milk or egg instead of cream. When in comes to spicing up the treat, lemon and cinnamon are always a good option.

5. Portuguese Beef Stew

Portuguese beef stew is a traditional and simple stew consist of soft chunks of beef cooked with oinions, garlic, toasted spices and wine. Traditional beef stews call for searing the beef to generate savory flavor or adding flavor boosters like tomato paste and anchovies, but this recipe avoid these cooking techniques and ingredients, instead focusing on the warm and bright tastes of the spices and wine, as well as the meatiness of the beef.